October 7th, 2004

Toledo doorway

A little update.

Here they are: http://pics.livejournal.com/ayradyss/gallery/000022hb

Have three residencies offering me interviews right now. Fort Wayne's person is away (her father died) and will be back Monday. No word from the fifth or sixth.

Today was a quiet day. I spent the morning observing circumcisions (it's amazing how a little sugar water on a glove will take away the sting of having one's foreskin removed with a knife) and examining newborn babies. I spent the afternoon listening to lectures. After yesterday's exciting day, I was glad to.
One delivery via forceps, involving a fourth-degree laceration that wouldn't stop bleeding. A fourth-degree laceration, O Best Beloved, means that baby's head tore right through the tissues separating the vagina and the rectum, and it's a terrible thing to repair. It took us better than an hour to get all the bleeding stopped.
Then as we were grabbing lunch to go over to high-risk OB clinic, the overhead came to life. "Code Blue, four north. Code Blue, four north." I cannot run up four flights of stairs, O Best Beloved, but my resident can.
Code was successful, so to speak, and the gentleman was moved to the ICU. Then we went to OB clinic, and it was long, and we finished at bloody last, with an hour of lecture from the OB guy staffing it.
I went to bed at about 10 PM last night. I think, O Best Beloved, I have caught a cold from Xev. I am sneezing in a most un-allergy-like manner. And she woke up today when I got home with her eyes all goopy and sounding congested. I called the vet. "She probably just has a cold, she'll be fine."

She is currently standing on my chest, between me and my laptop screen, which I think is a hint that I need to go indulge in some hot kitten lovin'. These cats will be so spoilt.
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