October 5th, 2004

Nescafe rabbit


Busy day today, O Best Beloved.  I have a great deal of things I should talk about, but I have been running since 6 AM.  Delivered two C-section babies and one vaginal delivery; participated in the D&C of a lovely young teenager whose first pregnancy turned out to be molar.  Watched an interesting interpersonal conflict.

But I have been busy - I went out to look at cats again, and my Angel discovered a new litter at the adoption center in Petsmart, from some haven for orphaned and abused animals.  And here they are, 11 weeks old, pending our approval from the adoption agency:

More pictures will ensue.  We have spent the evening trying to clean up the house and get at least some of the stuff that the kittens are going to destroy out of kitten range.  And now it is past my bedtime, and I am on my way to sleep.