August 23rd, 2004

White Coat

A good day

It did not start out promising, today, O Best Beloved. Monday on call is painful at best, fatal at worst. I ran late - I left home late, having craved the warmth and the comfort of my Angel's arms around me for fifteen precious minutes more - I got to the hospital at 0730 instead of 0700. I grabbed labs on two of three patients, spent time talking with one of them, barely managed to check vitals and peek into the chart for the third, and scanned the lab screen for obvious abnormalities. Went to grab breakfast after tiptoing past a patient's closed door - when it's closed, O Best Beloved, it means he is in a poor mood.
It started to look up with the autopsy conference on blunt force trauma. Most intriguing. It improved still more when I went to see my patient and got to initiate a number of orders to get him off the PCU floor, get him vitamins, play with his coumadin. And I ran into critical care when I was writing on my ICU transfer, and Dr. Z (who has a very familiar last name) paused, said hello, proved not to be as draconian as my imagination had made him out to be, and complimented my writing. "I read the sub-I's notes, instead of my own, to know what's going on. Easier read." I pointed out some abnormalities, asked if I should be concerned. He explained. It was lovely.

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Angel's gall bladder comes out a week from tomorrow; I am worried because he is my darling and I am not reassured by my understanding of surgery. I want to scrub, to help, but I will not ask. That would be an abuse of my understanding.

Two admissions for a call night, and they are good ones, interesting, one gentleman whose brother died at 29 of a heart attack and a woman with Turner's Syndrome, nausea, vomiting. I do the histories more or less myself, as S is working on a CV, and manage to present too. I think he gets some of the dictation wrong; he saw the patient, though, he should know it. Perhaps I am wrong. I don't correct him. I talk to GI on call and present the patient, nervous. He is not impressed with the patient. He is very nice to me. Admits done by 8:30, and I am free to do nothing.

And now, O Best Beloved, it is 11:30, and I am going to bed.
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