August 17th, 2004

White Coat

Time to change over...

Arrived late. Was afraid I would never catch up. Now at the end of the day I am waiting for N,( one of my favourite interns, and yummy-cute too), who is on call tonight, to finish with the code he's at so I can change over. "I'll page you back," he promised. I hope he knows my pager number. The hospital operators never seem to.

Came in this morning, and S says to staff "You know that lady we admitted with vomiting and diarrhea? The one I almost sent home?" Staff nods. "She died last night." No reason for her to die, she'd been smiling and reassured it was just an overnight stay. S was worried, very concerned. I would be too, if it were my patient who had just died.

My patients aren't dying, though. My patients are having normal Cardiolite tests and going home happy and suddenly getting better with the addition of a tiny bit of Vioxx (oh, please let the increased creatinine be just because I overshot on the Lasix and not because he's had a 20% nephrectomy and I started an NSAID in consultation with Rheum and Nephrology, because it's working) so that today, the entire transitional unit watched in shock and awe as he walked 40 feet with a walker on his own. My patients are seeing resolution of their nausea and vomiting under only fluid resuscitation, my patients are smiling when they see me too.

Life, O Best Beloved, is fragile.
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Life, O Best Beloved, is so very fragile a thing.
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