July 21st, 2004

White Coat

One of two...

Final packing for the IAFP Annual Scientific Assembly: done.

Heading out this morning for French Lick, IN, where I will be cute and charming.  This conference is easy and fun.  The AAFP student/resident conference next week scares me silly.  See, here, students never do anything, so the fact that I'm doing anything at all (i.e. showing up) is a huge improvement.  At the NCFPR next weekend I'm supposed to be a delegate.  And I have a big packet of stuff and business sessions and things and I don't know what delegates do, and I don't want to make a muck-up of it, seeing as how the IAFP is paying to fly me out there and some big drug companies are paying for me to be there at all.
I have a big packet of information, things like "consider polling residents and students in your chapter prior to National Conference for important issues your constituents would like to have addressed", that I don't really know how to accomplish.  Should I e-mail the student listserv and say "Does anyone have anything they would like me to bring to the conference?" or should I be down at the Indy campus talking to people?
Remember, we don't have a FM-SIG yet.  Things like "Assure that members of your chapter delegation attend discussion groups," and I don't know if anyone else is going...And I only became a delegate not so very long ago.

I know there are some friends and well-wishers out there who have experience with this sort of conferences and being a delegate, right?  Any advice?
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