July 19th, 2004

Toledo doorway

"It's an adventure"

I got up early, Saturday, discovering that the reason there hasn't been anything but lukewarm water in the house for two days is that the water heater had been jostled down to "warm" by some unsuspecting soul. No shower, but I figured I was going out to move boxes and sweat anyway.
Horses sweat, she says. Men perspire. Ladies glow.

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The truck was in Coldwater, MI, at a friendly Citgo. Apparently, towing using a tow rope is hard on 4-wheel drive vehicles, but the U-Haul place, which had trailers that could be used to dolly the truck along, was long since closed. So we left it there overnight, wedged my father into the space between the two front seats of the van, and arrived home twelve and a half hours after we'd left.

Dad took ecchikun to Coldwater yesterday to get the truck - the U-Haul place said that it was too heavy to haul on a dolly - but that's his story to tell. Angel, as my reward, took me out to Junk Food Alley for the night.

But Q and M are moving in to their new apartment, and that is a Good Thing.
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