July 3rd, 2004

Me and Bri

No party Tomorrow :)

I don't have time to plan a party, O Best Beloved. Not and study.

Nonetheless, we have a house that's about a 10-minute walk from the IPFW campus, and makes a good meeting place for the Fireworks. We also have a grill and a bunch of soda, and I've got to take a break sometime, right?
Fireworks Spectacular, 9:15 p.m. Sunday, Memorial Coliseum, 4000 Parnell Ave. Watch the Wizards play Burlington at 6 p.m., and stick around to watch the fireworks afterward.

Weather.com says that the forecast for the weekend is storms, storms, and more storms. If it's a repeat of last year's drowned event, well, it'll be interesting at least.

If it's not raining, and looks like the fireworks will happen:
Let's meet at our place around 6ish and have grill food. Then we can all hike down to campus with shooters and spinners and a little cooler or drive around and park someplace even closer than our house. After which, we'll come back and set off more fireworks until the neighborhood goes back to sleep.

If it is raining:
Everyone's welcome anyway, we'll watch movies and maybe talk Angel into grilling in the garage.

Also on the docket
The Three Rivers Festival is coming up July 10th, and while that day is Firefest the whole week is Festival. Let's do some stuff, go to the tents, eat at Junk Food Alley, and have a good time together? Oh, and pin down a blanket at Headwaters Park for the fireworks then.
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