June 28th, 2004

Nykki in White

Oh, what a boost!

Drove down this morning - I'll tell you later about this weekend's adventures and why ecchikun is such a darling man - and got in early enough for lunch and half an hour or something else. Was going to go over to the building and fiddle with the wireless or study (63.8% on two consecutive NMS exams means I need to learn something more to do well; I should look back a few years and see how I was doing then) but I decided to check my mail.

Quarter-fold green and white paper: our evaluations. Too early for psych - it must be Medicine. I unfolded it.
Grade: H

Honors pass in Medicine, O Best Beloved. I am so thrilled. And comments:

Inpatient staff: "Very solid performance, excellent written histories/physicals, good differential, and appropriate thought process. Good planning and interpretation of data; reads up on patients. Will advise to continue reading; should excel in field of choice."
Inpatient chief resident: "Nicole was the best student overall this month. She has an excelent knowledge base and work ethic. I believe Nicole's driven attitude toward medicine will lead her to success in the future."
Outpatient staff: "Excellent knowledge base. Very motivated and conscientious. Enjoys providing medical care. Shows compassion with higher than expected ability."

I was the best student on the rotation? Hardly. I'm so happy I'm bouncing right now, O Best Beloved. I am wonderfully happy.

Off to lecture, then home to S's to pack up my car. Tomorrow night after an exam and a meeting with the FMSIG planning group, I go home for a month - I won't be back to Indianapolis for two months, except to check my mail. I love fourth year.
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