June 19th, 2004

Sand and Shore

Snippets of thought:

Opener borrowed from tablecolor, who, I'm certain, never thought to be featured. From his post here.
Just a skilless shot of the sky. Like watercolour, I thought. He disagreed, in the sort of noncommittal murmur that applies when one's love interest is displaying the sort of narcissistic romanticism that applies to teen-aged dreamers who fantasize about white horses and Prince Charming and happily-ever-after. It's not watercolour, it's just clouds and light.
We disagreed for a comfortable half-hour on the topic of whether clouds, being mostly water vapour and pollution, could qualify under the technical definition of watercolours, voices low and hushed and benign. He leaned over, halfway through the discussion, and directed his attention at my face. I complained in a perfunctory manner, but the teen-aged dreamer in me was satisfied with the attention, and he displayed no inclination to interrupt the conversation for less-than-romantic panderings. There is, after all, room for gazing into one another's eyes in any romantic formulary.
The discussion meandered into the nonsensical, and tapered to a halt with gentle absurdity, and we were left - still reclined, on a blanket, on a hill, the remnants of a late-afternoon lunch scattered beside us for the ants - with only each other and a silence that was not quite intimate enough to be comfortable. And the clouds, I assure you, looked like watercolours.

Blog for World of Warcraft will be up and functioning at http://blogs.honorableplayers.org/blog/ayradyss (or you can check out the full Lordaeron aggregate at http://www.lordaeron.com) as soon as I think of something to write :)

PreTest: 3 50-question blocks this morning. Scores of 58%, 68%, and 72%. Feeling a little discouraged.

Going to Ribfest this evening, I think. Now going to take some pizza, go outside, and enjoy the beautiful day like some kind of normal person instead of a geek.
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