May 30th, 2004

Nescafe rabbit

A Memorial Day thought...

I'm on my way down to make omelets for the people who were here last night. I'm on my way down to make omelets.
And there is a man in Iraq I can't stop thinking about, and there is a man in Japan who's so very lucky that he's there, and there is a Marine whose father let us know not too long ago that he's still alive and doing well in Baghdad, and my family left Denmark in the early 1900's because of the war. My family have been conscientious objectors and pacifists since I can remember. My uncle did not serve in Viet Nam; he went to Africa for two years to teach the people there instead, and should there be a military draft for women implemented, I will seek alternative service. I have always intended to.
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Perhaps I am a coward for this. Perhaps I am every nasty name that conscientious objectors have ever been called. Perhaps it is all true. But I am willing to stand up for those beliefs; I am willing to die for those beliefs. I am willing to go to a war zone to practice healing in the hope that one day I will make a difference. I see my sisters-in-law going to war-torn and broken countries to minister, and I am so proud. And I must act in concordance with my beliefs, and hope that one day it will be a realistic possibility for everyone to make the same choice.
I will work toward that future. As shall we all.

I love you, butterfly. Come home safe.
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