May 18th, 2004

White Coat

"Just don't dare the suicidal patients to kill themselves..."

Saturday: Weigh day at Curves. 208; down another 4 pounds. That's a total of 11 lbs and 21 inches from last April, more from last July when we're going to reset my start date to as I had ballooned to 228 because of a broken arm. A triumph.

I said I'd tell you a story, O Best Beloved, about doing something Good.

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I am a medical student, O Best Beloved. I cannot write prescriptions and I am clumsy at intubation and when I try to start an IV or draw blood my hands still tremble with nervousness. I have to go home and read about my patients' common diseases to understand what medications have been started and why. The school pays for my malpractice insurance and I am glad, because I am afraid still that my inexperience will inadvertently injure someone. But once in a while, being a medical student means that I have a little more time than the doctor, that I am not afraid to spend extra minutes flipping through charts and writing down labs and double-checking results so that I can look polished in front of a resident. Once in a while, being a medical student gives me twenty minutes with a patient instead of ten.
Once in a while, O Best Beloved, it doesn't matter what class or rank or grade I claim, because what I am makes the difference.
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