May 11th, 2004

White Coat

It was an exciting day...

So he says to us, "I asked him his sexual orientation. And he says 'Silly faggot, dicks are for chicks'..." And we all laughed, because what else can you do? M sets off gaydar at twenty paces.

I had two cases today: the first was an elderly gentleman, mildly mentally retarded, with a speech impediment and a history of sudden violent impulses. Like the time seventeen years ago when he killed his girlfriend with a shotgun because "She was only using me for my money". But he seemed so sweet.
The second turned out to be a man hooked on Xanax, but he made me overtly nervous - so much so that I couldn't ask his ex-wife to leave the room to interview him. That was my mistake - he didn't talk until his ex-wife was gone. He doesn't want help. He just wants his family back.

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Today was an interesting day; I didn't go to the psychiatric ER once, and I sort of missed it. It's always ludicrously zany there; there's usually a manic patient storming and swearing as Security brings them in. It's always the same complaints, too - "I'm an American, I have my rights, I've done nothing wrong." Someday they'll see what rights really are.
The interesting day was begun, and nicely too, by the presence of my uploaded Skills Logger on the secure website. A little row of green checkboxes confirmed that yes indeed, I had gotten my two NG tubes and my Vent Management signed off on. That stupid Level II competency in Clinical Skills is complete, uploaded, and no longer my problem. I took off early, got my birth control pills picked up in the morning, was chipper with the pharmacist, and lounged around talking until the day got crazy at noon. And now I'm lounging, thinking about an early bedtime because of my headache, thinking about doing some questions to study, thinking about a lot of things, and I think I'm going to just bum around and be lazy for the night.
Be well, O Best Beloved.
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