May 5th, 2004

Nescafe rabbit

O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!

I left the hospital at 1740 and got in my car, called my Angel, turned up the music, drove with the windows open and felt the wildness swelling in me. I love this car. I drove, knowing I had only the vaguest idea where I was going - a substance abuse treatment hospital someplace on the north side of Indianapolis - and half-remembered directions from Mapquest (no printers on the rare occasions I can use the computers). I drove. Angel helped me.
I got there half an hour early. So I cleaned the car out for twenty minutes.
We are required to attend an AA meeting. It's part of our psychiatry rotation - they give us a list of all the meetings in the Indianapolis area, and tell us to have someone sign a first name there. I chose, out of the gigantic list of AA meetings (so very many, O Best Beloved, just in this city), women's meeting. I chose it because every time I think about alcoholics I think about old men, or young men, or men in general. And I wanted to see.

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