May 2nd, 2004

Nescafe rabbit

A couple of quotes...

Josh: You can tell it's a good game. We're already flingin' feces.

Phloxin: Here, have a feces. No, not a feces, a phallus.
Jefe: Because those are common.

Bri: Generic animal companion is frolicking in the woods.

Bri: Is there something wrong with your eyes?
Me: No, I got them from my mother. She's evil.

Me: I'm going to walk up to the bar and order a glass of water and a small mouse.

Phloxin: The monkey rubs you a bit wrong.

Josh: That's why he doesn't want it undead. 'Cause you can't suck an undead monkey.

Phloxin: The whores on the street say "We got stuck at Stuckey's!" They have T-shirts.

Me: My mother summoned me.
Bri: She wants her eyes back.

Me: And she's sitting with the monkey.
Jefe: Yes. They're together.

And then I went and sat somewhere to talk to someone in the bar, and I quit taking quotes.