March 24th, 2004

Smoke in the forest

Come rain, come down....

Welcome to erichowens, feldspaar, and bradtastic, and well-met.

Today was my last day of Cardiology. I did nothing, as usual, but I got to listen in on a very interesting discussion. The woman in question did her PhD thesis on the role of women in the ?Mexican Revolution? between 1812-1818 (History people, please correct me) and talked about the fighters, the poisoned-tortilla-sellers, and the over 100 women who played a documented role in the combat. Her partner has a masters in something equally interesting. It started with them reading Margaret Truman's novels for fun and led to me listening as they and Dr. O talked about how they wished they could write, but didn't have the creative gift - the ability, as Dr. O said, to think outside the box.

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We could all do with fewer facts and more feelings sometimes, O Best Beloved. Perhaps I am being cynical, as I sit at my computer with a book of questions beside me, being quizzed on my ability to recall and synthesize those facts. I will depend on them, when I am a doctor, when this metamorphosis from naïvete to competence is complete. I will need those facts. But there is another part of being a doctor, and another part of being a human being.
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I could lose myself forever in the infinite beauty of a raindrop crawling from cloud to ground, take the time to savour the flow of sap from branch to leaf, appreciate the infinite echoes of a single heartbeat. And perhaps, sometimes, I will continue to be a little bit late.
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Nykki in White

A little bit of music...

I posted a while back that quinby and I had sung at church. Well, after some misadventures with the brand-new CD recorder at church, I present for you Awesome God.
Please don't try to stream it; I have our upload bandwidth capped to a lower rate than will support good streaming. Just right-click (or control-click) and "Save as".

I'm the first voice on each verse; Quinby is the second. The music is a little loud and we're sharing one hand mike on a stand because Rick in the sound booth had never used all the new technology before and was a little wigged out.

Also, please inform me if the DL rate is too slow, I can probably find an offsite server to move it to.

[Shameless plug] And you can find just about anything else that I've ever had recorded right here [/shameless plug].
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