March 22nd, 2004

Me and Grandpa

Between the pages of a book...

Went to see Jill, one of the girls in Angel's youth group, in Meet Me in St. Louis yesterday. Went to see her and her first-grade sister, who was playing Tootie.
There's a reminiscence that belongs here about high school, as I leaf through the program and see the ever-fresh "BFF!" fluttering through the seniors' biography blurbs. But I cannot find the words to speak it. I had best friends in high school, friends who swore we'd keep in touch as I went away - not to college, but to two more years of high school, somewhere else - and we didn't. It was somewhat my fault and somewhat theirs and mostly it was the way that time has of separating two people with a slow gentle feeling, like separating the two halves of a leaf to reveal the skeleton between.
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I suppose I do have the words, if in retrospect they are almost unbearably baroque in my reminisces. But perhaps I am alone in this...perhaps high school friendships are not so rare to endure as it seems. What about you, O Best Beloved? What about you?
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