March 11th, 2004

Nykki in White

A quick poll before I head off to a half-day's work...

Poll #261395 LJ-cutting

Should I go back to LJ-cutting my longer entries, to save scroll length?

Don't care

Stayed in bed until 0800 this morning, after going to bed at 2230 or 2300. I think that's why my head hurts; I'm slowing down again to the lazy speed of home rather than the never-ending whirlwind of school. I don't like it. Today I was going to go to Curves in the morning, but my mother called and now I'm going to Curves in the afternoon with her. Because company is good.
staircase_wit reassures me once again that my perseverating (his word, and, deliciously, one I'd never heard before him) on medicine means Good Things for one who wants to become a doctor. This afternoon, I will begin working through my list of questions to research and perhaps even fill you in on the medical buzz regarding rimonabant, if I get around to it.

But for now, I'm late to the office.
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