March 5th, 2004

Nescafe rabbit

Augh, come home! says: nykki, your score is 15% consistent with a normal personality profile. You're least like others in the area of extroversion.
Too short for a real assessment, only 60 questions or so, sorted by area, with no verifying questions. And what the heck does "least like others in the area of extroversion" mean? Can't decide, once again, whether I'm obscurely pleased to have scored on the not-like-everyone-else end, or whether I'm annoyed at the bloody test for being so brief and wanting to charge for any sort of comprehensible explanation.

I wanna go home,
Take off this uniform and leave the show,
But I'm waiting here in this cell because I have to know,
Have I been guilty all this time?

Pink Floyd, "Stop"

No substance to this today. I'm trying to motivate myself to clean the living room, as I have no idea where anyone is or if they'll be here. I will cry if I have to spend the next 3.5 hours all alone.
Spent the day with Dr.K, who has as a desk girl one of the women from my church. He's an excellent preceptor and it was a lovely time. He treated me right, so to speak - sent me in to see patients, then heard my presentation, assessment and plan. So I'm feeling extraverted and talkative, want to expend this energy. I told him stories about France (I should post some more journal entries from France) and I want to keep talking, keep seeing people.
And Quin and Lisa have vanished. Bugger.

So I'll go clean the family room and hope someone will come over before our scheduled 21:30 start time to share it with me. Maybe I'll put on a movie to kill the time.
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Me and Angel

I'm so glad I didn't marry a nice guy...

My Angel, O Best Beloved, is a man of principle and faith. He is also, as I have been told numerous times, going to have a very long waiting list if I should have a sudden infarct and forget that I have the best of all possible partners: someone who believes in me, supports me, and would never dream of doing anything but treating me as an absolute equal.
He doesn't put up with my bullcrap. He hits back when I punch him, but no harder than I hit him. He won't let me be less than I am capable of being. And that's why I love him.

The mystery of the anonymous benefactor has been sorted out, and thank you :)

More to follow. Must take RP quotes now.
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