March 4th, 2004

Toledo doorway

Short days, crazy days, lazy days...

Ganked from reynardo...
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Oh, and the LJ Oscars are up here: Journal Awards and Science and Technical Awards. Vote your pretty little hearts out. Help theferrett overcome hoser allumeuse.

This is going to be a lovely month. Worked with Dr. W today, who is a simply marvellous, high-energy, wild and crazy New Yorker with a soft voice and a penchant for calling her patients "punkin" or "peanut". I love her. She sent me home at 1:00 ("I'm a part-timer. They put students with me to find out what not to do.") after telling me not to bother showing up before 09:00 next week, because she won't be there. It's simply too early.
Hence, I am going to Curves. Right now. I am not going to spend any more time trying to figure out who left the mysterious anonymous comments on my post about Chelly, and what it's all about. How curious.
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