March 2nd, 2004

House by the river

Nothing doing.

No updates in a few days. I'm a bum.
No, really.

Sunday night : Watched the Oscars. Cheered for LotR even though I disagreed with some of the awards it got. We decided that the Best Picture was being awarded to the whole nine-hour epic, likewise some of the others, because really.
Went to bed early. Nothing to do makes me sleepy.

Monday : Reported for duty with Dr. G. Dr. G, I was told, is not in his office today. All right... Went to Sears for new Quinby-tyres and mallwalking for applications instead. Company was good. Came back, slept and played FFIX. Watched Disc 1 of Lexx again. Went to bed early.

Today : Reported for duty with Dr. AO. Walked around the hospital checking up on his patients with him. Answered one pimp question, saw two people with Wegener's Granulomatosis. Must read up on nephrology. Went back to the office. "You have the afternoon off. I'll see you next Tuesday at 0700." Went to Auburn for lunch with Angel and then came home. Paid bills, got goddesspsyche to help me tidy up my French letter a bit more, and am now lounging around.

Tomorrow : I report with Dr. PO, who will be rounding at 11:00 AM. And on into the evening, it says. So I may be obligated to miss choir, which I was looking forward to engaging in once again.

But this evening I'm going to make baked salmon and rice pilaf or risotto, with steamed broccoli. Because I bloody well can. And I'm going to enjoy my time with my Angel, and do some more work in Dubin's. There were tales to tell, I think, but lethargy drives them out of me.
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