February 29th, 2004

Smoke in the forest

I feel strange already.v

My laundry isn't done, O Best Beloved. It's Sunday morning and I'm skipping Sunday School because I was slow to get up this morning - so slow they had to leave for choir without me. I can't stop sneezing. Think I should take a Claritin because I think it's allergies. My laundry isn't done and I keep thinking I should start it or I'm never going to get back to Indy before midnight.
I'm not going back to Indy. I'm staying here with my Angel for the next four glorious weeks. We can do things on weeknights so we don't have to spend our weekends trying to spend enough time with each other to make up for the long lonely hours. I can study without watching my computer screen to see what he might have to say. I can cuddle up to him and close my eyes when I'm lonely or overwhelmed. This is why I married this man - he makes me feel complete.

We went out yesterday and bought new coats, as mine has no pockets and his is so old the sleeves are six inches too short. I found a marvellously warm jacket and he got a nice neat one, both at the leather store which was having a lovely sale. Then we bought another mike for the karaoke machine and sang ourselves hoarse, just for fun. Spent gift cards and coupons and discussed the script program at church, and what we should get from it. We're going to have to wait a bit to buy them, but I think we've got it figured out how to pre-spend our money. Quite a chunk into gas station scripts, for some funny reason. I feel so grown-up; we sorted out last year's bills and watered plants and generally had a lovely time.

Tomorrow I have to be in at 08:30. I can hardly wrap my mind around that concept - I'll be getting up later than I usually arrive at the hospital. I'm a little nervous about spending a whole day a week with a nephrologist and another whole day with a cardiologist, but it will incite me to learn about my two weakest areas. I can always stand to be frightened into studying.

It's beautiful out today, O Best Beloved. It was beautiful yesterday as well; maybe I can get out and about and do something. Maybe it'll stay warm, and spring will come in March like it should. Maybe I'll get to spend my month at home having fun. Maybe the snow will melt off the patio.

It's been a wonderful two days. Now I just have to remember that I get to stay home.
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