February 2nd, 2004

Nescafe rabbit

Monday, Monday...

Got up this morning and drove back to Indy. And I miss him so bad it hurts. I would drive home and back every day if I could afford to, just to spend those precious moments with him, cradled in his arms, to sleep with my head on his shoulder.
It's hard, O Best Beloved. I don't want any of you to think it's anything but hard. But the moments are precious, and more so because of their sparsity.
I can't wait for March.

I have just a few minutes, I'm going to a lunch presentation about the FW electives - which, as I intend to take them, I don't want to miss - but I wanted to pose a few thoughts...things I want to hear what you think on.

Is it ever appropriate for a doctor to fire a patient? Is it ever the right thing to do?
What are a patient's responsibilities in a doctor-patient relationship? What are the doctor's?
What should the medical student do if the staff is being unprofessional or inappropriate? Should we just lay low?

Hopefully this afternoon's Intersession is as fun as this morning's.
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Nescafe rabbit

The rest of the day...

Lunch was good, got to talk about what we'd want to do when a bit. Have proposed a tentative schedule for fourth year, if all goes well.
JUNE: Radiology (Indy)
JULY: Vacation month; take Boards and go to French Lick for the IAFP conference.
AUGUST: Medicine Sub-Internship (Indy or Muncie, hopefully Muncie)
OCTOBER: Family Medicine in Fort Wayne (may switch these two)
NOVEMBER: Emergency Medicine (Indy)
DECEMBER: Vacation month; go interview a couple of places
JANUARY: Nicaragua if I can swing it
FEBRUARY: TBA, maybe Internal Medicine, maybe PBL (very low-commitment)
MARCH: Paediatrics in Fort Wayne; Match Day
APRIL: France if I can swing it
MAY: Vacation month; Commencement

May move EM to September, but I'd like to be in FW for Angel's birthday.
Was informed (just now) that I haven't been fit-tested for my N95 duckbill mask - a fact that is simply untrue. But I can't find the form I turned in a copy of, so off to the fit-testing I go tomorrow. :(

Built Bionicles in afternoon session, then practised giving feedback on them. It was an amazingly fun activity. "This is my Bionicle, you can tell he's an environmentalist because he's green, and there's a picture of him holding a vine. But he didn't have any instructions, so he's very self-conscious about being put together right..."

Came home then, and am now just lounging around. I think I'll put on a DVD and RP a bit. You know...do nothing.
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