January 25th, 2004

Nescafe rabbit

Okay, very distractible today...

First quizzes:
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And now I've changed my LJ layout all around, and I'm looking for feedback, especially from all you arty people out there. I'm not convinced I'm satisfied with it now, and I'm not sure if it's my resistance to change or some real problem with it.

Things to talk about: Weekend was quiet, played much GTA III, am learning to drive decently. I should TMI-list my adventures with the Instead Softcup as it involves Girl Things. I need to finish reading my review book today so I can spend tomorrow and subsequent days doing Questions. Exam Friday. Pictures Friday, for yearbooks and residency stuff. I have my Very Corporate Brown Dress, but the shoes I usually wear with it are opentoe sandals and require my toes to be completely bare. We are under Winter Weather Advisory at the moment. Can I get away with my brown zipper boots, people who've seen both? Unlikely I will have time for shopping for shoes in the interim; I need to study. Three days of Trauma left. I have Thursday off for studying, how sweet. Spent Friday night at the BOT meeting and this afternoon at the BOD meeting, making my presence known. It will pay off, I am confident. *socialbutterflies*

And now back to reading so I can indeed finish my stated goals.
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