December 20th, 2003

Modern Art

Make it stop hurting...

I did something to my foot, O Best Beloved. It's musculoskeletal, that much I'm fairly certain of. It's an agonising pain every time I put weight on or take weight off it. It's relieved by heat - in fact, if I leave it on a heating pad for a long while, I can walk a little ways - but worsened with any kind of movement. It means I can't go shopping, I can't go exercise, I can't do anything. I'm pretty much reduced to an invalid, because this is a knee-buckling pain, the kind where when I step my leg goes reflexively out from under me. It takes all of my concentration and my fairly formidable pain tolerance to walk at all. And I'm only hoping that I can find a pain killer/anti-inflammatory med to take the edge off.
I was doing all right this morning until I tried putting on shoes with arch supports - arch supports that drove right into the tender area on the bottom of my foot and sent me tumbling to the ground the instant I tried to stand. So instead of going shopping and getting lunch and spending time with Angel, I'm stuck at home with my feet up on a heating pad, hoping it will go away. This is like some horrible kind of cramp.

In other news, I have decided - after ryenna kindly informed me that the Elvish for 'peace' is sérë - that the laptop shall remain named Tinúviel. It has a nice ring, and seems to suit her well. Thank you, though.
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Went to sleep instead of RP last night, and I feel badly about it today, because I wanted to RP, and very badly, and was too tired to remember that. If I had been more awake when Lily and Jefe showed up I would never have let myself short everyone, especially since there will be no RP next week either, due to my birthday. I'm sorry all.
Yesterday was a long day, in addition to having to limp everywhere, as I was kept in the OR until 12:30 and then released to get lunch - only dismissed when I informed her that I would have to leave at 1330 to get to my simulator at 1400. Bastards.

Broke StyleXP and got into a fight with Angel about it, have now reconciled. I want him to come home and feed me, as I'm not sure I can make it across the tile floor to the fridge and all. *sighs*
I am going to quit whining, though, and finish downloading Lord of the Rings sounds with which to deck out Tinúviel. If anyone has any ideas for new MOOs or would like to deal with my steep learning curve for commands and introduce me to an interesting new MUSH that won't require me to put in a constantly huge amount of connect time, I'm up for a little something different...
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