December 8th, 2003

White Coat


I think I would like to name a child Yseut. But I don't think that one will fly. Maybe as a middle name.

Isabel's mother was a poster child for epidural anaesthesia. We were all glad when she pushed because she quit screaming. But she delivered a beautiful seven-pound girl (APGARs 9 and 9) into the hands of the NICU. Because Isabel has hypoplastic left heart.
I'll go into more detail later, perhaps. Right now, O Best Beloved, I am so glad I went to bed from 9:15 to 10:45, because my headache is almost bearable and the board is filling up with women who may or may not deliver tonight.

I am craving Panera. Specifically, French Onion Soup in a bread bowl.

Have held legs while two women delivered (Bethany Faye and Julietta), assisted in a C-section (Kihmari) and got to carry the baby back because Mom was under general anaesthesia. She cried and thanked everyone for being so good to her.
Have not delivered anything myself today. However, I have begun an exhaustive list of all the things that change in a woman's body during pregnancy, because I'm sure I will need to know it for my exam. Dr. M, our clerkship director, scares me. He's so ambiguously gay, on top of being a royal prick.

Shain is in the shop; Shalom is with me. I will hopefully hear by Friday that I can go get a new laptop. I will then spend the $250 for a new PSP from Best Buy because it is so worth it, even if we don't really have the money. I am a firm believer in insurance.
I need a new language to pick a word meaning "peace" in.

Back to L&D now, in hopes that I will be able to snatch another hour of sleep. How I dread tomorrow. IL is very nice, but does not send me home early post-call. I hope nobody wanted to hear word one from me tomorrow night.
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