December 3rd, 2003

White Coat

Always pick sleep...

Talked to Angel until 10:30-11. Went to bed. Was awakened by my pager at midnight. C-section. Got to stand around, fight off waves of being overheated (I need to eat more before surgery), and generally be useful in small ways. Wrote the op note.

Now there is a patient moving rapidly through dilation, and she's Dr. D's, and he's a pretty hands-off kind of guy, and I think I'm going to maybe deliver that one. She's one of the induction patients. She just got her epidural.
And then I think I'll go to sleep again. Yes, that sounds good. IL sounds like she's going to want me to stick around all day and help in surgery tomorrow - not my idea of a good time.
However, I did get some flash cards done on gyn-onc staging of cancers, to print out on Friday. I miss Angel so much...
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White Coat

Presenting Jayden...

So I went to the C-section, and I followed Dr. D's patient, who moved very rapidly through her stages, giving me two blocks of sleep at one-half hour and one hour, between 2:30 and 3 and 3 and 4, respectively. I also napped repeatedly on the L&D desk betwen 4 and 4:45, when all hell broke loose in the room down the hall.
Seems the 34-week gastroschisis baby we knew was probably going to deliver sometime today decided that now was a good time. Mom went from 5 cm and contracting to spontaneous breakage of her water to delivered in approximately 5 minutes. We heard that her water had broken, followed by "We need delivery help and the NICU stat." and ran down there. I ran into the room to hear "Baby's delivered. 05:13." And the baby was lying on the bed, with the first-year intern trying to suction the meconium from its mouth. NICU came tearing in like a house on fire, bitching and moaning because we hadn't called them, grabbed the kid and bagged and intubated her. Mom's crying on the bed. "I tried not to, I tried..." as if she's just peed on the floor or something, and the nurses are trying to reassure her that it's okay, these things happen sometimes.
I cleared out and went back to my patient, where all I had to do was listen to this 17-year-old girl on her third baby (previous two deliveries without an epidural) whimper and cry because it hurts... No sympathy, but I faked it pretty well. Around 5:15 AM, she was fully dilated and we tried some pushes. And then I ran for the phone to call Dr. D. And then we gowned and gloved and I grabbed the suction and handed it to him to clear out the baby's head, which had practically fallen out onto the bed. And he clamped and cut the nuchal cord, and then he looked at me, and I delivered Jayden. 7 pounds, 14 ounces of boy. It was very fast, but took too damn long to get to that point, so I've actually gotten very little sleep.

And now I have to go to staff rounds instead of lectures. Hope I get out early, O Best Beloved. I'm exhausted.
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