December 2nd, 2003

White Coat


I was going to tell you about surgeries yesterday, O Best Beloved, but Shain has decided to go back on the fritz. He won't boot unless I pull the DVD drive out, and even then only one time in 10. I was frankly afraid to use anything more complicated than telnet.
However, I'm on call tonight, so I shall tell you about two interesting surgeries then. Scott's bed doesn't look slept in. I wonder if he's cleared the board for me.
Angel keeps giving me updates on how much cleaner the house is, as I told him he couldn't decorate for Christmas (you can put a Christmassy runner on the server under the Nativity set, too) until he had it clean from Thanksgiving. What an adorable man.
IL told me to meet her at 0900 at the clinic this morning, as we only had two post-op patients to round on. Eventually, O Best Beloved, I will round on a patient in GYN. But I'm in no real hurry.
Lectures from 0700-0900. Went to bed at 2230 last night, and slept well. More to follow.
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Labor board: two patients, one an induction from this afternoon. Triage: three patients. It's 19:39 and I scrubbed in on a hysterectomy because I had nothing better to do with my time. And tonight, of all nights, Angel goes out to eat. I hate you, restaurant business.

Yesterday's surgeries were interesting; I saw an eight-inch ovarian mass come out of a woman's abdomen and be not cancer, got to chat with Anaesthesia, who loves me now. Apparently, I'm the only person he's met in medicine in a long time who understands that the hard part of writing a program is making the algorithm. So while we were waiting to find out if our surprise mucinous thingy we found on the appendix was cancer or not, we watched slides of his wedding and talked shop. He had his Powerbook in there. I had a great time with it.

Today I was in clinic all day. It was tedious and boring.

And now, O Best Beloved, I'm going to go check the Labor Board before resigning myself to reading about cancer staging and/or writing short stories all night. Which should I do?

Poll #213925 What should I do tonight?

How should I spend my free time tonight?

Standing outside in the 30-degree air, talking to Angel on my cell phone
Writing something for us to read
Trying to program Quizzler to ask me questions about Gyn
Reading my textbook, of course

If I write something, what should I write about?

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