November 18th, 2003

White Coat


Scrubbed in on two practically back-to-back C-section deliveries this afternoon, O Best Beloved. Twins, both of them, so four girls. Got to hold one of the babies as Mom was indisposed (retching) after the surgery, and feed her, and look at her tiny little 5#8oz nose...
Was with Dr. F and Dr. L, who are like the Jiffy-lube-drive-in C-section people. Under an hour start to finish, so fast I almost didn't get my gloves and gown on in time for the second.
Dr. F let me close on the first one. I sutured skin and only got corrected a few times. How wonderful.

And now it's back to get paperwork done on the inductions. It's going to be a good night on call, O Best Beloved. I can feel it.
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Nescafe rabbit

The lull between patients...

Selected two induction patients to follow for the night. Both are pleasant and cheerful and happy to see me. Neither, considering my luck, will deliver before lectures at 7 AM tomorrow.
Angel got the cell phone plans switched over, and so now I have unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited calling to phones within the plan (between us, in other words), and the 400 anytime minutes we previously were chewing through at double time when we called each other. That should fix our little minute problem, as now I don't have to feel guilty about talking to him before 2100.
His work had problems. I'm not going to say what they were, as I don't think he wants the world to know, but it's a sort of unnerving thing to have happen, and I'm glad it wasn't worse.

Every time I'm on the labor board, nothing happens. Every time Scott's on call it's hopping. I've been on call twice now, and I still don't know where the call rooms are, he complained to me this morning.

Yesterday: Forgot my white coat in the morning. Not a problem, except I was in clinic and the pants I keep in my locker for clinic have no pockets. And then I forgot my stethoscope going over to clinic.
I had lectures at 12:30. I was going to read for them in the hour before clinic. I scrubbed in on a C-section instead, with Dr. C, who is back from her week-long vacation and being wonderful to me. So I was unprepared for Dr. D-P, who is the sister of the Colts' coach, but managed to stumble through her questions anyway.
I begged out of clinic in the afternoon, to go work the L&D board. FOUR patients labouring. The resident told me to go follow the two furthest along. I spent the afternoon getting to know them. I stepped out for 10 minutes for a potty break, came back, and the other two had bloody well delivered.
Around about 4, when I would normally hand the board over to Scott-on-call, I was in the room of one of my patients, stretching the perineum as she pushed, knowing that the doctor responsible for her was the type to let me do the delivery. Getting excited that I might have my second vaginal delivery to mark off. And then, just after I txtmessaged Angel to tell him I would be very late for dinner, the doctor decided to do forceps. Dr. R, the resident, stepped in to assist. Cry. I got dinner with Angel, at the price of a delivery.
As I said, the whole bloody day was anticlimactic.

Today, I nearly forgot my white coat. I did forget my umbrella. It rained. Was in clinic in the morning, on the board all afternoon - which is when I got to see the two twin C-sections. It has now quieted down significantly; only four women in for inductions (may take a very long time) and one coming into triage. Speaking of which...I should go see about that.
Livejournal needs an Indianapolis phone post number so I can call from my little call room.
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