November 6th, 2003

White Coat

"Why is it so small, Mommy?" "It's a baby."

Was intrigued by staircase_wit's Autism Quotient score, so I took it. I scored a 31. Do I really show that many autistic traits? The idea has nestled into my mind, now, and will linger in obsessive wondering.

That said, it's been an interesting few days. After my agonized entry of Tuesday, it turned out that Dr. B wound up in surgery until 1800. Which meant we stuck around until 18-fucking-00. Went over the exam.
I did not go home that night, but I did go to Muncie and have dinner at Yokohama with my Angel. We were the only two in the restaurant. It was one of those places where they cook the steak on the grill in front of you. We made a good connection with him, I think, and had a lovely time. The flask of sake didn't hurt either. Have decided that Angel will take me out to dinner after each rotation.
Drove back to S's and nearly fell asleep on the road. Hence no update.

Yesterday, orientation to OB/Gyn all day. Learned much. Came home and screwed around online, played, FFIX, didn't update. Got an e-mail from Emily reminding me to turn in my Iatrogenesis article by this weekend. Bugged ishotkenney about it. Yay for being a med student.

Today was the first real day of OB/Gyn. Got up and got to the hospital at 0700. Saw one delivery and scrubbed in on two C-sections. I have stories, O Best Beloved, but after I left the hospital at 1600 (!) and made an extra 20 minutes of trip because I left my wallet in my locker, and then went to the Macaroni Grill with my mentoring group. The faculty paid.
Now I am full of pasta and Italian dessert, and exhausted by staying up too late last night with Angel. I'll update tomorrow if I can, especially if there is time during the day. I'm on clinic in the morning, labor board in the afternoon. So far, I like it, although I can't quite shake the feeling that the hours are too short. What will I do with all my free time?
Tonight, O Best Beloved, I think I'll sleep. Tomorrow, I'll tell you about getting covered in blood.
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