November 4th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Augh, hiss, spit, snarl...

Came in and rounded. K says "go get breakfast, go see a case, go home." But we had to go over the exams with Dr. B. So we paged her and she said she'd probably have them graded and back to us around 1000. 1000 came and went. We were still sitting around. 1230 came and I went to see a case. 1400 came and Dr. B was doing a bilateral hernia repair. She says "we'll probably get started before 1700." Before fucking 1700.

I have done nothing all day. There's nothing to do. I don't want to pick up a new patient, as I will not be rounding. I have nothing particular to study for. I don't have my book. I don't ever have to read the Peds Surgery chapter again. I want to go home. I'm supposed to be going home now. I could be on the road back to see my Angel, to surprise him with dinner. To get to spend a little fucking time with him. Please refrain from comment, O Best Beloved...
I did do one thing: I made a new journal to drop my stories in and edited One Black Feather. It's the story about child abuse. I made a few changes, and if any of you want to cover a nasty deep topic in excruciating detail, please read and comment.
I also had lunch - and gave my Happy Meal toy to a little boy in a wheelchair.

It's 1500. I think I might walk back over to the hospital and see if there's something for me to do that doesn't involve actually doing anything. Or maybe I'll have some ice cream to soothe my nerves.

Or I could get paged!

Edit: I could get paged by Shubi, that is, telling me that they're just now starting the second half of the first operation of three. Augh.
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