October 30th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Open season on interpretations: twilight looks like morning

barelegged angel
     on a rocking-horse high
              moonlight is sunlight
starlight in your eyes
         kiss to the dawning
                        and dream of the gloam
    barelegged angel
                   feathered and lone

black-winged angel
          in shadows apart
                           never yet knowing
    the weight of your heart
                  wander the evening
and look to the day
             black-winged angel
          silently pray

forsaken angel
      no promise abides
                  you know all the stories
           of pardon are lies
       fair in the morning
in twilight a star
                     forsaken angel
             so near and so far

bare-footed angel
     on a mountaintop high
                watching the glory
          of evening go by
                     wait for the dawning
     and dream of the past
bare-footed angel
                 contented at last
      NsB 30-Oct-03 
               "twilight looks like morning"

Do I still have it, O Best Beloved? They come so rarely any more.
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