September 15th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Day by day.

A quiet day on the wards. Not much to tell. But I had my midpoint evaluation with JK today (Dr. M tomorrow) and he was most complimentary. He says I have initiative, curiosity, and a lot of energy, that I'm inspiring to be around and that it's unusually motivated of me to go in and see patients I'm not even responsible for. I didn't know he'd noticed. I love seeing patients. And I follow up on labs and I try to help out anywhere I'm needed. Isn't that part of being a good student? He wanted to know how I was getting along, if there were any problems. No, not a bit. I love the wards, I love the residents and the interns, and the nurses are nice. But it does seem kind of slow...and I've never done a normal newborn circuit. So tomorrow morning I'm going to pick up some newborns to help fill my days. And admit/discharge summaries. By all means.
And the dreaded question: What do you think you need to improve on? I was expecting it. I knew the answer. I need to work on organization and coherency. Very insightful. They'll come with time. You do much better if you take the time to write your notes out before rounds. And that's true. All of it.
The bottom line, O Best Beloved? JK finds me impressive as a student, and feels that I have a lot of qualities that will make me a good doctor. I'm ahead of where he'd expect me to be at the beginning of my third year, and I know what my weaknesses are. I'm doing well. Keep it up.

And then I gave my pager number to the intern, in case of admissions in the middle of the night, and I came home and slept for an hour and a half and didn't get working until well after 8. Nobody came in, apparently, as the pager is silent and I was off shift at 10. But I have a printout of the Limping Child outline for presenting tomorrow. And I know what I'm going to say, I think. And tomorrow I get to see Angel for dinner - and then finish writing my expanded H&P which is due Wednesday.

And after all that, it's nearly midnight again, and it's far past my bedtime. Goodnight, O Best Beloved.


I love hearing his voice at night, even if he can't be with me. I love the sound of it, the way his timbre is different when speaking to me than when speaking to anyone else. It leaves me feeling safe and heart-mended in the hours of sleep.
At least I have that.
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