September 13th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

RP Quotes from the new Mage game.

Cast of characters thus far for Mage (pax_magicka):
phloxin: Leynia, a Russian exchange student, majoring in biology-chemistry and minoring in English. A fifth-year senior. Verbena.
daxayl: Jax, a first-year from Chicago making up his own biohistory major. Verbena. Has an echoes that causes arousal in everyone around him.
ellisande: Liz, a second-year transfer sociology major from Loyola in New Orleans. Order of Hermes.
ayradyss: Jen, a first-year computer science major, math minor from New York who's hooked on a mage-only form of XTC. Virtual Adept.
quinby: Joseph, a junior transfer student from Wheaton College and devout Catholic who's been suited up with Jax. Major in political science, minors in computer science and music. Celestial Chorus.
lakos: The Evil GM.
Joining us on Saturday nights when the schedule starts to rotate: daimones.

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