September 7th, 2003


String, or nothing!

Preying mantis on the door. Saw Dad tonight, he got to meet Quinnie finally.

Need to get Jen out and let her stretch her wings. Or write more backstory, so as to have a reference point for consistency's sake when making references to her angst. I found a shop in the mall, called Nirvana, that's practically Jen's wet dream place to shop. Mind has now fleshed out her outfits and her look more.

Scale says 215; I've lost another pound without really trying. I love being shipped all over the hospital, usually in too much of a hurry to wait for the lift.

Mage tonight was much funness. Am made jealous by Angel's command of the six bajillion White Wolf books, but am reassured that he is jealous of my command of things that can go wrong with the human body. Psyche, formerly an ice bitch par none, is now smiling at people, and spending her study time teaching Typheous while cuddled up with his arm around her. This is a breakthrough for her, although she's going to pick up a shovelful of angst as it dawns on her that she's taking time out for herself, rather than working on the very large problem of why her protegee has taken to disembowelling boys with sewing scissors and pulling knives on Psyche's friends. As well as other small matters, like saving the world from a bunch of strangely disturbing vampires. Psyche, as they say, has issues. The psychological ramifications are endlessly fascinating. But she's a teenager, so it's mostly just hormones.

No, really, all my characters in RP are loaded with angst. Gabi was the only one who wasn't, and she was a vampire.

Option 2 seems to be working, in combination with acidophilus (not taken at the same time as the antibiotics) and a good night's sleep last night. Feeling much better. TMI survey later. Bed now. Angel is waiting.
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Nescafe rabbit

Dear D-Link TechSupport:

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Tech Support persons on my list: I'm a little punchy; I've spent the last two hours trying to set up this fucking access point. Finally fired off the preceding e-mail to Tech Support (please note: OS was included in a drop-down box; I did not omit letting them know that I am on XP home). Am I a Good Customer or a Bad Customer for being so obnoxiously thorough and cute about it? Do I sound pissed-offf? I didn't want to sound pissed-off. It's not Tech Support's fault that my computer smokes crack in the schoolyard.

Lost my house key for S's place. It's at home somewhere, it's got to be. I always check for my keys before I get in the car, and it should've been in my pocket or I would've looked then. I stopped at only one place before I arrived home, then took off my pants and put on scrubs. And I haven't seen it since. I have an extra, will stop and get a copy made tomorrow. Also going to repair Meeta's PPC tomorrow. Also tomorrow night I am going to begin to catch up on all of the things I forgot to do over the weekend.
Fucking ADHD.
I am, from now on, required to learn about one topic minimum every night, or I'll be cramming like mad before the peds exam. I don't want to have to cram. I also need to do my expanded H&P so that I can return and destroy the copies of chart information I have. I'm sure HIPPA would find a reason to hate me for having them.

Purchased Slim-Fast spiffy Hot Meal Options today, in Shells and Cheese flavour. Also another breed of soy shakes. Am currently having dinner - a turkey and cheese sandwich, with precisely six slices of turkey and one of cheese (one serving each) on wheat bread, because my daddy despairs when I eat white bread. I shouldn't eat this late. I'm fucking starving, having forgotten to eat after successfully talking myself out of stopping to get fast food on the way down here. It was a clever ruse indeed, to wait until the exit was almost there before attempting to decide if I felt like eating at any of the restaurants I could see. It was quite effective, really. I kept passing them and then thinking Oh, there was an Arby's there... And by the time I was hungry enough not to care where I was eating, I was only 20 miles away. I could wait, then.

Also at Meijer, the $25 webcams. We got one to test it out. It works well enough for me to see my Angel's face, refreshed every 30 seconds. He's freakin' gorgeous. I love that man.

Debating a second sandwich, but the beast within my stomach is currently tamed. Rambling now, a little punchy still. I should probably go to bed early so as to gather my thoughts to coherency tomorrow. I wonder what happened over the weekend. Maybe there will be something fun to learn.
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