September 6th, 2003


There's a bright golden haze on the meadow....

Jen's question-and-answer session is up on pax_magicka. If you want to keep an eye on everything that happens with our next Mage game, you can add it as a friend and watch there. Backstory, quotes, Q&A, summaries, whatever. That's what I did last night, after RP, instead of driving back to Indy. Why? My Attending likes me.
A little before ten, he stopped to talk to me. "I hear you're going back to Fort Wayne this weekend." I nodded. "Well, keep your pager on tonight, because unless we get slammed, JL will have everything under control." Beat. "You know what? You've carried the service these last two days. You've done a lot of work. Don't come in at all. We'll see you Monday." I was so fucking happy.

Added paradisia to the TMI list by her request, and freakachu420 without request, 'cause I have a sneaking suspicion she don't mind. :) phloxin, you are on it already. Nabbed a survey from samila I'll go through later there. Anyone else who wants to be added, just drop a comment here or enter your username in this poll.

Sepsis baby is doing quite well - they changed his last name on me, which confused the everloving fuck out of me. I did do the hip checks yesterday on PE, just for thoroughness' sake. Sleeping quietly, getting his antibiotics IV. And I presented him (our only patient!) at rounds, as a case study: "A seven-week-old baby presents to the UVC with complaints of..." and so on, so as to stretch out one patient (and a good one; fever of unknown origin before 3 months is a core topic) for all he was worth.
We decided to put in a PICC line instead of leaving the IV in. Maybe he could go home then, for antibiotics, but at least we don't have to worry about him blowing the vein or yanking out his IV. I think, if I'd've known what a fucking huge deal it is to put a PICC line in a little baby, I would've argued JK down from it. The procedure, as JL informed me (also much to her surprise) involves full general anaesthesia. We didn't figure it was that different from doing it in an adult. But JK wanted it done anyway.
He and IR and Anaesthesia talked to the mother of the baby. Please note: Mom is 15, dad is 16, and mom's mother is the daytime caregiver. Mom consented and signed the forms. JK was post-call, so he went home. And then, a few hours later...then Grandma called, wanting to talk to a doctor. So JL talked to her. And she talked and talked and talked. And grandma wasn't sure she wanted the line in. And then it became "do we have consent?" Is the fifteen-year-old mom allowed to sign consent forms for her baby? So we called S, the social worker (I love working in a hospital with a largely Medicaid population. Strange things happen all the time.) and she said that yes, Mom was allowed to sign. And then it was "well, the baby's down in IR already, and they took him in immediately, so it's too late to stop now."
I'm glad I left before the grandparents came for their visit. So very glad. JL gets paid to do this, and she knows what she's talking about. I'm still learning what a PICC line is.

Went with R to see the new admit baby, who's a 2-year-old with croup (What is he doing here? He should be at home) and a bit of lingering stridor, in for observation overnight. He'll be fine. We wrote the note and talked about the differential diagnosis of croup (go for it, ishotkenney!) before R said "Go home. There's nothing for you to do."

I left campus at 4:30. I know. I called Dad to tell him about the 15-year-old question. President Bush was in town, downtown. All the fucking roads were slow. It's his fault (please don't kill me, nessers). I got caught in traffic trying to get on I-65 S to I-70 E, my normal route. It wasn't moving. So I got on 65 N and realised I didn't know where to turn off. Turned around, got stuck in the beginning of the jam on 65 S, and finally made it to Meridian. Even Meridian was slow. Grabbed McDonalds and called in a report home.
Coming up 69 it went well until exit 14. At mile marker 15 I made an illegal U-turn, went back to 14, and got off the fucking highway. Nobody was moving. Diverted myself to 13, then 32. I forgot that 32 through Anderson is the most complicated fucking highway there is, and that it adds like 45 minutes to one's travel time. I need to find a different route; work at exit 19 will maintain the traffic jam status quo there for a while.
Got home at 8:45. Four fucking hours on the road; it should've taken 3 at rush hour. But RP went relatively well. Quotes forthcoming. They got my villain high and knocked him out that way, rather than bothering to actually fight him. But it worked. Good enough. We'll start preludes for pax_magicka next week. Votes are for Saturday evening RP, which may require a short hiatus until dayzdark wraps up his campaign. Or we may run a rotating schedule.

In any case, I need to change my oil and get out and about this afternoon, and I slept 'till noon. But I feel so much better. Until later, O Best Beloved.

Oh, and freakachu420: As far as Quinby goes, I think it's dawning on her parents that she's here, she's safe, and there's nothing they can fucking well do about it but support her. At least her dad is. I've really not been thinking about it much, other than in terms of what Quin needs to get done to get established here, and how to work with ADHD and not need meds. 'Cause believe me, I know. And I'm just fine with that. And I think it's the coolest fucking thing ever that our church is being so supportive and trying to help.
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I love you, Jiffy Lube...

Went to get the oil changed in the cars. Dropped them off. Both needed flushes and oil changes and a whole bunch of other stuff, so we went over to the mall and got lunch, applications (Build-A-Bear is hiring! Build-A-Bear is hiring!), and the AMG movie. Started Michel-Ange, to realise he was running nice and quiet and smooth. Except...when I started to drive away, he made this horrid rattling noise. Pulled over in the Best Buy parking lot. One of my wheels was all crookedy. Wound up turning around and going back to Jiffy Lube. Got there just after they closed up and were about to lock up. Explained the situation. He looked it over. Sure enough, rear passenger-side tire was loose. So loose that the lug-nuts weren't even finger tight. Whoops. He apologised. Several times. The other guy said he'd be really mad if it happened to him. Me...everyone makes mistakes. They fixed it, that was the important thing. Fixed it and apologised again. He's all happy now.
I didn't ask for compensation, and they didn't offer. I don't need it. Everyone makes mistakes.
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