August 22nd, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

No, Mom, I don't have diabetes...

Update on my doctory-stuff is coming; it's sitting at home. Going out to eat last night took precedence over typing. So, on a more personal note:

Called the doctor's office back; they'd left a message to call on Angel's phone. My lab results are in.
Fasting blood sugar: 81. Well within normal ranges. Notably not hypoglycaemic either.
Lipid profile: Total cholesterol, 219 (should be <200). Triglycerides, 211 (should be <150). HDL (good cholesterol), 46 (should be >60, especially with elevated other lipids, even though the official guideline is >40). LDL (bad cholesterol), 139 (should be <100 optimally, <129 for above optimal but not too high). Which makes my ratio something like 4.6, which is unpleasantly close to the out-of-whack value of 5, and too far above the optimal value of 3.5. As the nurse put it: I'm too young for that. Nothing good can come of having elevated cholesterol at 24.

So orders are diet and exercise; low-fat, low-cholesterol, oatmeal (yes, Angel, I have to get up for breakfast), switching my Country Crock for Benechol, and increased exercise. Repeat lipid profile in 4-6 months.
In random thoughts: Studies have tentatively shown that a Mediterranean diet not only reduces cholesterol but reduces the risk of heart disease disproportionately to its cholesterol reduction. And olive oil is good for you, as is fish oil. I like fish. Also, 4-5 ounces of wine a night may raise HDL levels.
Furthermore, losing weight is now a health mandate, as I have no intention of allowing myself to be medicated for something I shouldn't need to be medicated for at my age. And at 5'7.5 and just over 220, I have a significant amount of weight I don't need to be carrying, no matter how good some people think I look.

I'm sort of amused by the whole thing, in a morbid way. After all, I ought to know better, have known better. I'm a freakin' medical student. So it's my own bloody fault. Bad nykkit.
But all the same, this is just about par for the course. It's always got to be something else that motivates me. Someone kick me a couple of times, or I'm going to do nothing at all over the winter while I'm in rotations.

Plus, I forgot to put my rings back on last night after dying Quinby's hair (something that took the rest of my updating time) and now my hand is naked. I only have my cross ring.

And now I'm waiting for the doctors to get here - I have yet to arrive on time, and yet I beat the doctors D&D here every morning. Perhaps I'll give up on this keyboard with its partly-broken T and go do something else. Such a strange world. Wish me well, O Best Beloved.
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