August 16th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

What a tangled web we weave...

The phone rang this evening as I was putting the lasagna, Angel's surprise dinner, together. Quin's parents called. First-off, I didn't know it was her parents calling and they called from a caller-ID blocked number. I gave them the run-around about neither myself nor Angel being here, thinking that it was an unusually persistent solicitor calling, until her father said "this is long distance, and it's very important that I speak to them."
I passed the phone to Angel. He was on it for the next hour and twenty minutes. Must be sparing with our cell phone minutes for the rest of the month; those weren't nights and weekends minutes. He talked some but listened more. Anyone who knows Angel knows that it's almost impossible to dislike him. There's something about him that inspires trust and confidence. And wonder of wonders, it seemed eventually to work on Quin's parents. We're going to be all right.

RP went pretty well; everyone seemed to be part of a plot tonight to get tipsy to drunk. Me, I had two small glasses of cherry brandy and decided that water and sudafed were better for my cough. And then threw monsters at them until we were all tired of battle. It was entertaining, happily so. Especially once they figured out they could take them.

Now sitting up, killing the time until sometime between 6 and 7 AM when Zia and company are planning to arrive. Lily's not feeling well, there's the usual banter to see if anyone'll wind up naked. Me, for once, I'm wielding my self-promoted self-control and mostly staying out of it. Mostly because I have a vested interest in staying out of it: my self-respect.
And that's enough about me for now; it's very late and I've been up for a very long time. I'm sober, yes. Quite sober, which is what keeps me from devolving into introspective ramblings that reveal far too much about the complicated situation I find myself in.

Drinking water like a fiend to maintain my ability to breathe. Seeking out a therapeutic dose of sudafed. Watching Wing Commander and Lily eating crackers. I think, maybe, I need to take a nap.