August 12th, 2003


The rest of the story...

Called Mike's. Got Mike's roommate Trevor, who thankfully knew what was going on. Got directions to Mike's. Made it there, the rain having stopped raining, and met Trevor. He looks like Trevor from high school, Trevor who dated Mandy and apparently tried to hit on me a few times, although I missed it.
Settled in with the wireless connection (drops the network if I don't have activity every 30 seconds or so; much annoyance there with MOOing until I made the World's most Annoying Trigger Set so that there was activity every 30 seconds. Then I was challenged to a chess game.
I am not very good at chess, O Best Beloved. And, consequently, I lost. But Mike was impressed with my effort. During the home cable came back up, and I was able to see Angel. They were quite nice to me here; have been fed spinach dip and hawai'ian bread, an orange, and lots of water. The sofa bed is folded out. The cat is nice. It's all in all pretty cool.

Phone rang at 10:45 or so, as I was lounging around waiting for the meds to all kick in and make me not cough, not have a runny nose, and generally feel well. Am not feeling well, but am at least functional. Talked to someone for 45 minutes, which made me feel needed, loved, and appreciated. This was in addition to the benefit of being told that I had helped him feel better. You know who you are, and you know I'm thinking about you. It's not easy. Hang in there. We have a bet to complete.

Stayed on the phone until I felt my ability to concentrate on talking begin to flag. Said goodnight, and am now contemplating where I put my tiny alarm clock so that I know I'll be up in time. Will substitute stopwatch alarm, as Mike plans to be up much earlier and roommate has to report around 7. Doubt I'll sleep through that, they're strangers. And Mike's making an omelette. Goodnight, O Best Beloved.
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What a hell of a day...

Woke up to the sound and smell of Mike making an omelette. "There's some in the fridge for you" he says on his way out the door. It was good, although the jalapenos opened my sinuses up for the coming onslaught of drainage.
I have been coughing all day, coughing nonstop it seems, unless I drink continuously. I have this sudden raving fear that I'm actually diabetic, although it's just the amount of water I'm drinking that makes me pee all the time, I'm pretty sure. I went through a 42-ounce Sprite in under 20 minutes. Nothing seems to help.
Despite the cough, saw three charming patients with viral URI's this morning. Was off a little bit with my thinking processes - kids under 2 don't get strep throat, and I know that - but handled myself adequately. Nothing stellar. I don't even remember the 40 pages I read between patients. And then a little boy with cigarette burns came in. 7 months old, his mother dropped him off at the babysitter's, and two days later (it's a complicated story) realised he was burned. Three on his belly, one above his left eye. She let all of the medical students come in and see.
Despite the sickness, the apathy, the total exhaustion that plagues me, I felt rage in my heart, impotent, useless, fury rising up inside me. Seven months old, a beautiful beautiful child - even now smiling up at us, playing with his toes, seeming almost to have forgotten the three near-perfect circles etched (second-degree burns) into the smooth brown surface of his skin; the fourth scar, not so deep, across his eyebrow. That one might not scar. The three on his stomach...he'll carry those for the rest of his life.
How, O Best Beloved? How could anyone take a beautiful baby and hold the butt of a cigarette down on his stomach - not once, not twice, but three times? How could they do it again, to his eyebrow, or maybe before the stomach? I felt like crying.

And I left on that note, walked back to my car, got in and headed for home. Stopped along the way at a Meijer to sleep for a bit, but couldn't really sleep. I couldn't breathe well enough for that. Struggled through the rest of the drive home, including the rain and narrowly missing being the car hit from behind by a truck (next lane over as I was turning). But I made it.
And now I can't sleep, because I can't lie down, because I start coughing. I'm not hungry, I'm not thirsty, but I'm compelled to eat and drink, because the cough leaves then. I called the doctors' office and have yet to be called back. I suppose that means I don't have to go in tomorrow, as I have no idea where they are. Maybe I'll sleep in, if I can get drugged enough to sleep. I'm definitely not going out tonight. Sorry, all.
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A new meme.

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Courtesy of a walk through random LJ's, the meme can be found here. A few of these LJ's were intriguing, so I added them. A fair handful refused to load. Maybe I'll try again later.

Angel came home. made Velveeta and elbow noodles, gave me some more meds. Am starting to feel a little better, O Best Beloved. This is a Good Thing. I even had second helpings. And some peppermint tea.
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