August 8th, 2003

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Left home this morning, headed for Indy. Arrived around noon, had enough time to get a chili dog outside the clinic before I went in for the afternoon session.
There are too many people in the clinic and not enough patients. In the four hours I was there, I got to see two patients, and the second one only because I reminded everyone I'd only seen one. Neither of them was actually sick.
The first little boy was three weeks old. His mother complained - in Spanish, filtered through an English-speaking grandmother - that he was acting like his stomach hurt him, that he'd been stuffy for the last week, and they were worried. He was eating fine, urinating and defecating fine, not vomiting, and gaining weight like a maniac. This is not the picture of a sick boy. Nor did the physical exam reveal a sick boy. EENT, chest, heart, genitals, hip motion, all of it. He was a healthy little boy, and I went to have him staffed. Dr. M agreed with me wholeheartedly.
The second, a little girl, was seven months old. She was playful and cooperative. Her father, speaking with one of those wonderful African accents, explained that she'd been quite well, but was batting at her ear. They were worried. I examined her. I saw a healthy, happy, precious little baby girl with no problems. I went and got Dr. S. She concurred, after digging all of the wax out of the baby's ear so she could see the eardrum. Little kids have waxy ears.

The rest of the time I spent looking through textbooks, making small talk with my fellow Medical Students, letting absolutely everyone, doctors included, play with the PanOptic that I have and never use, and listening to a mini-lecture on newborns. It was educational and fun, but sort of boring too.
Came home. Tried to take the interstate instead of Meridian/Fall Creek/Binford, out of cussedness. Got stuck in traffic, lost, and otherwise abused by it. Took me an hour and a half to get back to LC and Aura's. Watched LC and Jonathan play MechWarrior. Had pizza and banana bread with LC and Aura and company. Halfheartedly watched Attila while roleplaying.
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My throat hurts. I wonder if I'm getting strep. I shall drink lots of water and sleep. Yes. Sleep. That's next on the schedule. Goodnight, O Best Beloved.
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