August 1st, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Ca me manque...

Went to see "l'auberge espagnole" tonight. Was good - part of the best bit of it was that it was mostly in French, and it was all about living in a foreign country, and it reminded me of France.
I miss France. I miss the French, as odd and quirky as they are, even if they don't shower and don't see why we do. And I spent the evening telling stories about France, including one of my favourites of all time: The train story, here excerpted from my journal there.
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Nescafe rabbit


Oh, and if you're interested, my actual journal from France, top to bottom of what I ever finished transcribing, is here. There's more somewhere, I think, but like an entire semester worth of poetry, I don't know where it's gotten to.
Nescafe rabbit

En bref...

Got up this morning and took daxayl back home. Stopped by dad's on the way back to the house, and got to see what he's done with the apartment. The kitchen counter is tiled now, the bathroom floor has been replaced, and it looks really nice. Now to find someone to rent it.

Got home to find that dragoni82 was ill and couldn't come keep me company. Is okay, Dragoni! Get well! And then it hailed so ellisande stayed home. So I cleaned a bit and then entertained the youth group at Movie Night. Collecting roleplayers for tonight's session now...quotes will follow.
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