July 31st, 2003

Me and Bri

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The shortest divorce court yet...

And the newest personality test: I'm an apparently intelligent, liberal, disgustingly generous, pathetically simple-minded, dribbling child!
See how compatible you are with me!
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Just for mrsmartiepants: The Bush captionator :)

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Have done little today. Went to Curves. Got my name changed with Suncoast. Cleaned the stove and the kitchen table. Must meet Iwona around 9ish tomorrow, so I suppose staying up late is probably not the best idea. Maybe, once I'm out and about, I'll get to Curves again tomorrow.
Making plans with people, hoping they all come together. Dieu merci.
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Nescafe rabbit

I long to sail the path to the moon...

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How do I know I'm a bibliophile? I woke up this morning from the second part of a two-night dream. The first part, last night, was all about scrambling to win a contest (of the "how-well-do-you-know-your-classics" variety) in order to get a whole crate of old stuff. Tonight was about having won, and the dream was all about unpacking everything. It was all books and book-related materials: old pens, parchment, inkwells, and the like, precisely what has faded from my mind. But the crowning joy was a four-part folio containing four original hand-written scores from four 1920's musicals whose titles were so nonsensical as to be only plausible in a dream world. I dreamed about lifting each one out, carefully, with gloved fingers, and leafing through the scores, humming the tunes and exulting in the beauty of aged paper and ink. The smell, the feel, the sight... It's not normal to have a please-don't-wake-me dream about old musical scores, is it?

Got up this morning, went to Iwona's, and showed her how to upload her files to the IUSM database. Now she won't lose them. Almost went home, but I'd had the foresight to throw my bag into the car, so I went to Curves and worked out. Went light today; I'm still sore from yesterday and all the strength training machines except abs really should be every other day.
Now back home, thinking I'll take a shower and then finish cleaning the bathroom, as well as starting work on making the downstairs presentable for the youth on Friday. Movie this evening at seven with dragoni82 and anyone else who wants to come. Shall we do dinner first?
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Nescafe rabbit

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And Snackin' Jesus. I have to admit, he does look like he's getting a Snickers or something.

Today is a frustrating day. I'm feeling very sociable, I have only a few days of vacation, and I have to spend them at home, alone, and nobody seems to be interested in making any plans to do anything. Is very sad, and I find myself wishing I were back on the south end, so I could just go drop in on Bri or hang out with dad. I'm almost to the point of going to the mall just for some social interaction.
I should go anyway, pick up .hack//sign and daredevil and spend some more money. Get a blank tape to tape the Fox special tonight. But first I think I'll eat, and organise the tupperware, which seems to be spreading into other cabinets despite my requests.
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