July 18th, 2003

Me and Bri

Horse Update

Asked about the horse from today's post re: the girl who ran into it. a_false_memory: I was wrong. Apparently at the scene it had some lacerations but was up and walking around, apparently survived the collision in good shape.

More updates later, I think, once I've slept and worked in the morning. Ask me about:
The girl with pneumonia that I successfully diagnosed. And freakin' dictated.
Seeing fracture patients on my own.
The lady who thought she had West Nile Virus.
The patient who liked to fish, and was speaking to me coherently with a blood sugar of 25.
The woman who had a swollen, tender joint plus a fever, and we can't figure out why. (Endocarditis, maybe?)
"Go see this lady with chest pain and tell me what you think." And I got costochondritis on the first try, and he said I was probably right.

Today was a day of triumphs. And I'm going to take them and go to sleep, so I can be up and about for an 8 to 4 shift and RP after. And then 10 to 6 on Saturday. *wanders to bed*
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