July 11th, 2003


Whorage :)

A really freakin' amusing police log.
Also, true tales of a porn store clerk.

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Yay for me.
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...being the sound, of course, of me flopping into my chair.
Tomorrow morning: Defensive driving class. At least I know where I'm going. And I have my money order.
Tomorrow evening: Out to Beaker's for Firefest. Must enjoy self, as Sunday I will then sleep all day and show up for a week and a half straight of working 8-hour shifts in the ED.
Next weekend: Roleplay. Work 8-4 Friday and 10-6 Saturday. And 2-10 Sunday.
Weekend after: Go to French Lick for the IAFP conference. Be lonely, unless the hotel room has Internet. Come back and wrap up my ED shifts.
Next Month: Paediatrics.

Today in the ED: Child with a giant soft spot on her head. It's a collection of fluid. We almost had to sedate her to put her in the CAT scan, but decided to consult radiology instead. Several plain films later, no fracture was detected.
Saw some chest pain and a Real Heart Attack or two, as well as some gall bladders, two lacerations, a little boy with stomach pain and a kid with a dog bite. Also learned an important lesson: A pulmonary embolus can mimic anything. Today, it mimicked a pleural effusion under fractured ribs. It was only because Dr. B smelled something fishy that he sent her to get a spiral CT. Big 'un, too.
Saw two kids (one fifteen, one eighteen) ambulate themselves in after an accident last night. Car hit some water at 60 MPH and then met up with two signs and a tree. Not much left of the car, apparently. Didn't see the driver, just the passengers. Boy was wearing a seatbelt, came out with a nasty bruise and a broken toe. Girl was lying down without a seatbelt in the back seat. She's going to have a nasty bruise over her eye, and possibly an occult fracture of her fibula. They're lucky to be alive. Became acquainted with one more detail of the case: boy has an outstanding warrant for parold violation. Mother knows it, knows he's been running for three weeks. She was at the ED. She called the sheriff's office, told them to come get him because he was going to run again as soon as he got home with her. He knew she called - she must've told him. Sheriff's office gave her the runaround - she told her story to at least four people on the phone before finding someone who told her they'd come pick him up. She was sniffling, said to us (we were right there, she knew we had to have heard): "You try to do the right thing, and they make it so hard to do. No wonder people don't..." and went back to his room. He didn't run; he stayed where he was and waited for us to treat him. Sheriff's office showed up (just one guy in a brown uniform) shortly after we'd taped his toe. He left the hospital in handcuffs, headed for the youth facility. I felt so bad for his mom...
Made friends with a paramedic. They know who I am now, and they let me come in when they're putting people into rooms. I like paramedics - they're neat people. I also like nurses. In fact, I like anyone who makes being a doctor easier. Maybe I'm just a people-liking person.
Made friends with the boy with a stomachache. Five years old, took as many nurses to hold him down and draw blood. Half a minute later he was friendly and cheerful with the nurse who'd done it. So sweet. I let him use my stethoscope to listen to his own heart, and we talked about Carl Ripkin, Jr. Well, he talked. I said "wow" a lot. He's fine, probably just a little cramp or something.
The ED was much less busy today, probably because we only had four holds. We didn't have to use any of the overflow rooms. Got a schedule worked out with Iwona at about 4 and then left, before the murmurs of an unconscious, pain-responsive-only four-year-old due to arrive became reality. I didn't want my heart to break at the end of the day.

Tonight: We're going to go see Pirates of the Caribbean at 10:15, so no roleplaying :( And now it's dinnertime.
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Oh, and.

My baby sister (Not my Chelly, the other one, who's 19) is pregnant. I discussed this at some length with a clerk who was stocking shelves in Walgreen's, where I bought water and notepads because they were on sale cheap. She was glad to have someone to talk to for a bit, I think. She sounded glad. I was glad to have a bit of time to let my muscles unclench from Curves (I had to force myself to go, but I went).
Discovered that Curves Georgetown opens at 6 M-R, so I can go early in the mornings before my shifts at the ED.

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