July 8th, 2003

Me and Bri

On to other things.

Finally got around to using the box of "Apricot Passion" hair dye last night. My hair is now an interesting shade of bright auburn, which doesn't look all that bad (pictures when I find a camera). However, I don't like the way the Herbal Essences dye made it generally dry and tangly. Going to try a shower and proper conditioning this morning.
Angel says it makes me look even younger, but he likes it.

Semagic has an update. It doesn't work for XP yet.

Today's to-do list: Spend Angel's upcoming cheque from church on a digital camera that we can take to Cedar Point and take pictures with (hurrah for same-as-cash on Best Buy card!). Deposit $75 in various cheques in the bank, then promptly take all the money out so we have spending money for tomorrow.

Bills paid, loan papers for the fall semester signed, wondering how much I'll actually get back come disbursement in August. Finally got around to telling Capital One I got married. Must look around for balance transfer offers on my cards to reduce the bank fees. And now...now, I think I need to go do things.
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Nescafe rabbit

Digital Camera

Verdict: I like it :)

Also verdict: I like my hair. Showing here and here.

Also also verdict: We have to be at church at 5 AM. It's bedtime.

Remind me, O Best Beloved, to tell you about the cute boys at Best Buy and the run-in with Mr. Mettert.

And for anyone who's never seen my Angel: Look here.
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