July 7th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit


0549 this morning: Sat bolt upright. Picked up the pager. Saw the time. Thought "Oh, I can sleep 10 more minutes before the pager alarm goes off."
0740 this morning: My phone rang, waking me up. Thank God. The exam starts at 0800.
0800 this morning: Ran into B-13, grabbed an evaluation sheet, sat down, and waited for the test to start.
0820 this morning: Exam began.
1030 this morning: Exam time period ran out. I finished the exam with 5 minutes to spare. Those of you who don't know me: this is most unusual. I rarely require more than half the allotted time for an exam. I never require the full time period.
Blusys was right: don't waste your weekend studying. It was a pick-you-up, bring-your-own holy water-based lube sort of exam, and we were left reeling. Gods, that sucked.

But it's over. And I went down to Rachel and Lindy's (and got quite thoroughly lost on the way back) and fixed Lindy's PPC. If I can get hold of Dr. House and set up my clerkship stuff today, that would be nice. In any case, tomorrow is vacation. Nothing to do. A chance to sleep in. Yay.
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Me and Angel


Dr. H called on the way back in from Indianapolis. He'll be my supervisor this next month, sounds like the laid-back good ol' ER doctor-type. He's got a Southern accent so thick you could catch flies with it. When are you supposed to start? Oh, Wednesday or Thursday, I think. But I'd prefer Thursday if that's okay with you. Sure. How about Thursday at nine. You can change into scrubs here at the hospital, I'll show you around and you can fill in papers and all. Do you have a coat? Yep. Great. I'll see you on Thursday.


In other news, this reminded me of the time that someone called our dorm room. We're still half-convinced it was a prank from a friend, but it sounded so convincing. The message was for a "Joe". Mind, my roommate's name was Jo (for Johanna). A tearful female voice was calling to tell "Joe" that she was pregnant and she was pretty sure it was his. She left a callback number. We never called back. What would we have said?
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