July 3rd, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Random note:

Scanning through the customers_suck entries and came across someone arguing that piercing guns were unsafe and spread Hepatitis C in many cases. Linked to an article from a body modification website (I think), which also claimed that there were "numerous and well-documented cases" of Hep C being spread by piercing guns, and that it was also "well-documented" that piercing cartilage with a gun would shatter it.
While both of these claims are potentially true and I won't dismiss them out-of-hand despite the seemingly barely-veiled fanatical tone of the article, there were no references provided at all, either print or online, for me to check them.
Mind, I'm not even looking for medical journals - I'm just looking for evidence that you, Unconvincing Writer, have done your research and aren't just spouting off claims on hearsay and things you "know". Providing references to something that's so common and well-documented shouldn't be difficult to do, should it?
And before you say anything, O Best Beloved, I could indeed go look it up myself. The point is not that I could, but that I shouldn't have to. I should be able to examine the exact source of her information first-hand if I choose to and draw my own conclusions about its validity. Otherwise, I'm being asked to accept and independently verify second-hand information as if it were from an indisputable source.
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Nescafe rabbit

Mmm, sleep.

Came home from Biaggi's and couldn't get hold of one of the main RP people. Another campaign person had made plans to go to the bar, thinking I was running a one-nighter or having missed the discussion entirely.
Slept instead. Getting caught up.
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