June 28th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Augh, too many things to do.

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Today's spam-mail header of the day: "Blowjob, Free Mortgage quote! Rates All Time Low! workman"

It was...godsdamn, but I'm behind in my entries. May type some up on my way to the family reunion today.
Love and thoughts and prayers to Bobbie. You need them.

And I've enabled text-messaging from my friends to my pager. Be nice, it is for business purposes technically.
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Nescafe rabbit

Una niña...

Saw a C-section yesterday morning. Collapse ) They look dead when you pull the head out, dead and grey and without any semblance to a person. And then suction and shock take over, and they scream.

I wonder what my dreams are saying.
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