June 21st, 2003

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Subject line of an e-mail I received today: "Find The Best Scools Online"

And then I went shopping with Mike. Came home, and got the mail out of the box. BILL from Verizon (already paid you, don't remind me), notice from Dell that they mailed my screen protectors and hard case (yes, but you want me to sign to have the $17.10 screen protectors delivered, and you don't need a signature for the $34.95 case?), and one of those annoying folded sheets with the rippy bits on the top. And I'm absently opening it, and not paying attention, and I see all of a sudden that it's from the National Board of Medical Examiners. And then I look down and see what's inside. It's sort of blue, and on the top it says Score Report. And I realise suddenly that it' s not junk mail. It's my score report from the National Boards. And my heart went very still.
And I ripped it open very slowly, and there in the litle box it says PASS. And in the box under that it says 223. And in the little box under that it says 90.

Box 1: Pass/Fail status; the thing that determines whether or not I have to retake the exam.
Box 2: 3-digit score; passing is 182 and the mean is 216 (SD 24).
Box 3: 2-digit score (not a percentile); passing is 75.

This is better than I expected. All of my subject area scores except Reproductive and Endocrine were well above the passing range, and R&E was smack on passing. My day is so made, even if Angel is down in Indy.

So, that exam I was terrified about, that I studied so hard for and was so worried about...
I passed it!
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