June 18th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

"HIPAA requires a high level of security; I don't know why it's on this..."

Didactic day - off to a running start as they have a meeting in our conference room. We start at 8:30 instead, with a rapid-fire overview of OB exams. She's good. At least as far as making us remember that it's not so bad...
Talked about complications of pregnancy and O.B. visits. Have scheduled call with the residents next Tuesday night, hopefully will get to see deliveries before my O.B. rotation.

Followed O.B. with sigmoidoscopy - including a practise flex-sig. Once we got the machine working (mental note: check for the power switch on the giant USB fake colon) we all got to try a flex-sig on it.
Rachel and Iwona and I have decided that I should try to make a sigmoidoscope with controls that fit a woman's hands. All three of us had to let go of the scope in order to use the lateral controls - they're just too big for us. It took a while for all six of us to try, which meant that we started suturing late.
...Lunch became 10 minutes, ordered out from Munchie's.
More later...
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Nescafe rabbit

The rest of the day...

Suturing went well, as did the section on colposcopy and taking cervical biopsies. We practised on little globe balls and raw chicken. I got scolded for putting my hand too close to a live wire (it was off, for Pete's sake. OFF. Hence, no current!)
Left, went to the bank, pulled $140 from savings, and went downtown to the courthouse, because I couldn't remember where the bedamned City-County Building was. Realised I had no coins for the meters. Parked right in front of Parking control and waited for her to go back to her truck before hopping out to beg the hot dog seller for change. We settled on me buying a hot dog and him getting me change plus.
Then I realised that my meter had 27 minutes on it still. So I popped a quarter in anyway, and one in the meter with 00:03 remaining next to it. And walked over to the courthouse. They directed me to the city-county building (across the street), where I was informed that the Officer in charge of my ticket hasn't turned it in yet. So I can't pay it. I have to wait on his fucking leisure to turn in the ticket so I can pay it on my one afternoon a week available. Gah.

Went to Curves. Weighed in. I haven't been going. I gained 8 lbs in the last two months, and an inch almost everywhere. Except my bust. There I gained two. Signed over permission to transfer my membership to Georgetown (5 minute drive instead of 25) and renewed my resolution to go. Everyone chivvy me about it. Then came home.

Michelly's home. Finally. Got to chat with her on that...and more on that later. Repotted the plants. And Chobits. More Chobits.
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