June 17th, 2003

Nescafe rabbit

Good morning, Starshine....

And Nora, who hasn't spoken to her followers since she found her husband Ifri in the very act of making love to a mortal... It's a line from my dream, which has faded so quickly I can't remember what it's about any more. Only that I ws trying to find someone, and there was a girl with me, a girl named Caitte, with blonde hair and Mandy's face. And I remember thinking that it was a dream, and that I could control it. And then deciding that I wanted to know how it was supposed to end.
Apparently by fading into oblivion.

This morning: Mail Ryken's package to him. Call the court. Leave about 11 to find the Curves in K'ville. Bugger, I think my travel card is expired. And today is weigh-in day. Will have to go tomorrow afternoon for that, I think.

881 E. North St.
Kendallville, IN 46755

Shouldn't be hard to find, neh? But for now, I think a shower is in order.
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Nescafe rabbit


Called the court. She asked how much over. I told her. $137.50, she says. Not as bad as I'd feared.
Can't get hold of my doctor to schedule a Good Girl appointment (Also known as a pap and pelvic, if you're wondering) since I'm on the last refill from my birth control pills and the staff nurse will make me schedule one if I call for a refill anyway. "Dr. A says you have to come in and see her." She's like that, lectures me all the time. And I'm going to get another scolding for not losing weight.
Speaking of which...I need to get going, if I'm going to mail Ryken's box and find Curves before 12:30.

And, moved over here from a comment in orangejunkie's journal, since I'm thinking about pelvics...
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Oh, and RiteMail is cute, if only 30 days free, and they have ORANGE in their colour selector, for certain people's information.
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Me and Bri

Radar love...

To the unnamed truck-driver who saw a girl in a blue-grey Honda on Indiana 3 Southbound and flirted with her all the way into Fort Wayne: you have no idea how much more fun than usual my 45-mile daily commute was.
I pull up to pass him, he looks out his window at me, grins, and waves. I grin and wave back. He speeds up, falls back, blows me a kiss. I return the gesture with a smile and a finger-wiggle. Repeat process on and off for the next 10 miles or so as I hovered between the speed limit and the prevailing traffic speed. We get to town, to a red light. By now I'm in the left lane again, knowing I'm going to have to get over eventually and preferring to do so while there is no traffic to obstruct me. He pulls up in the far right lane, stops a good two carlengths back, and proceeds to...well, "make me an offer." We negotiated for a bit - or rather, he negotiated, even offering me money, unless I completely misinterpreted the finger-rubbing and tongue-wiggling that accompanied his mute pleas for my company. (It's hard to misinterpret the come-hither gesture of the hand, really it is).
And then the light turned green, I shook my head, and he waved and took off. But what fun.

This has been transcribed just for the amusement of numair, although everyone else is allowed to find it funny too. I'll report on my day later (personally performed two pelvic exams and pap smears, did one OB check, and attempted a venipuncture) once we're back from errands and seeing Iwona.
Tomorrow: Didactic Day.
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Nescafe rabbit

Today, in images.

Saw a 14-year-old girl today in the practise. She had sex last year and Mom wants her to go in for a pap (a good idea). Poor child, she was scared stiff. I don't blame her. But Dr. B was super nice, did everything she could to make it easy on the girl. And she made it through with minimal pain and torture - even smiled. It was a heck of a job. So was trying to makes sure that she understood the vital importance of either abstaining or using birth control to her having a life from now on. At least her mom's good about it, not like the psychotic women who think that if they tell their daughters not to have sex they won't.

I did two paps (on grown women, not the little girl) today. Dr. B watched, and backed me up on the bimanual exams. First one was rough. She was so patient with me, though, and so understanding. Second pap went very nicely, except she's a neurotic weasel of a woman who was on birth control pills and didn't tolerate them (they made her nauseated) so she didn't bother telling the doctor, just quit taking them. No wonder she got pregnant.

Also tried a venipuncture. Note operative word tried. Went through the vein. Whoops. Thanks to my patient for being, well, patient. Nurse did it right on the other arm.

Went to Suncoast to spend the $45 gift certificate we got for ordering Vision of Escaflowne on a triple-points weekend. Notably, we only bought 1 Anime DVD of the three we got (I passed on Utena, but only because it was the second volume and $40.), so I now own the first volume of Oh My Goddess. Also bought Sound of Music and Moulin Rouge (Angel's been itching for it), but managed to pass on Strictly Ballroom (Mandy, I miss you sometimes).
And now watching Chobits. Chii! It has been decided that we will buy the Chobits DVD's as well, as Angel is enthralled with Sumomo Yay for Chobits.

Oh, and one more thing. For rabever:
Happy Birthday, Mom!
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I have magic powers!!!

Angel stubbed his toe today, ripped the nail back at least a quarter of the way. It was bleeding and sore. And he skinned his knee. And apparently, if I blow kisses at it, it stops hurting for a while. Go me!
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